Advantages of HDPE water supply pipes

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HDPE water supply pipes are made of professional polyethylene as raw materials and are extruded by a plastic extruder at one time. Because the pipes are connected by hot melt and electric hot melt, the integration of the interface and the pipe material is realized, and it can effectively resist the hoop stress and axial impact stress generated by the internal pressure, and the PE water supply pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer, and the material is free of Poisonous, non-scaling, non-bacterial, avoiding secondary pollution of drinking water, it is a new generation of HDPE water supply pipeline.

1. Non-toxic and hygienic: The pipe material is non-toxic and odorless. It has undergone strict sanitation testing. It is a green building material and will never scale, which can effectively improve the water quality of the pipe network.

2. Corrosion resistance: It is an inert material and can resist the erosion of various chemical media.

3. No leakage: The water supply pipeline is connected by electric heating, and its interface strength is higher than that of the pipe body.

4. High toughness: The elongation at break of the water supply pipeline generally exceeds 500%, the adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipe foundation is very strong, and the seismic performance is excellent.

5. Excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation (RCP).

6. Excellent flexibility and scratch resistance.

7. Strong wear resistance, low friction coefficient of pipe wall, small flow resistance and strong conveying capacity.

8. A variety of trenchless methods can be used, which greatly facilitates construction and installation.

9. The system cost is low and the maintenance cost is low, which can greatly reduce the engineering cost.

10. Long service life: The buried water supply pipeline can be used normally for more than 50 years.
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